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Location: Dublin
 Position Type: Journalist
 Reporting to: Managing Director
 Salary: Not disclosed
 Duration: 1 year

For Us, Professionalism, delivering the extraordinary and helping organisations evolve is a mission
on how The Lore Report works with global industry leaders,  We bring a range
of diversity and depth to transformational change including learning and development.  We work closely with
dynamic leaders to help promote and achieve results. 
We are looking for an experienced Journalist who wants to succeed. The role involves researching features and
articles, establishing and maintaining contacts, interviewing sources, writing, editing using in-house style, attending events, proofreading, generating ideas and features that would interest our readers, planning content for publications according to editorial policy and publishing deadlines. The person will have excellent communications skills, be highly motivated to succeed. Online media knowledge an advantage.

 Reading press releases.
 Scheduling interviews.
 Researching articles.
 Establishing and maintaining contact.
 Interviewing sources.
 Writing, editing, and submitting copy / proofreading.
 Attending events.
 Verifying statements and facts.
 Staying up to date with privacy, contempt and defamation law.
 Liaising with editors, sub–editors, designers and photographers.

 Enthusiasm.
 Stamina.
 Determination.
 Confidence.
 Perseverance.
 Excellent oral or written skills.
 Interpersonal skills.

Why The Lore Report?
We are passionate about Transformational Change, Leadership and Learning & Development.
The Lore Report is an equal opportunity employer.

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