What do we do?

Our mission is to promote excellence,  provide awareness and the advancement of change through the media.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to promote and provide businesses with a platform to increase the awareness of their values, productivity and insights. We provide our audience with insight and information directly from leaders.

At the core of our strategy, we have the central objectives of advancing the evolution and change globally, which is essential for the welfare of people, businesses and society. We also help businesses advance change in promoting new technologies and  AI awareness. 

We are dedicated to making positive contribution to the global community through advocacy and providing of high quality information. We are passionate about making a positive change.

Meet Elle Linklater

The woman behind "The Lore Report"

Elle Linklater is the Managing Director of The Lore Report and  Linklater Consulting, working with global industry leaders over 10 years, chiefly in the financial and legal sectors. Elle brings a range of diversity and depth to transformational change including learning development.  Elle has worked closely with dynamic industry leaders in achieving global results.